Music Lesson Terms & Conditions




To secure your place lessons must be paid for in advance, before the term starts.  Payments are non-refundable except in circumstances where Bonners is unable to provide the agreed lesson.


Once lessons have started in any term, the course of lessons for that term must be paid for in full.  


Lessons and all other Bonners Music Academy activities for all siblings will be ceased if invoices are not paid within the stated period. Please note that tuition fees are not transferable between siblings. If there is an outstanding debt, this must be paid in full before any further applications can be accepted, or lessons resumed.


Please note that we will allocate your payments to the oldest outstanding invoices.


Missed Classes

We do not offer refunds or replacement lessons for students who elect to miss lessons for whatever reason.


If a teacher is unable to attend a lesson, and we are unable to provide suitable cover, you have one of the following options:


  • an extra lesson will be time-tabled to compensate (if space on the timetable allows)

  • or your account credited for the value of the lesson

  • or a refund arranged for the value of the missed lesson


Cancellation Of Your Lessons

Cancellation of your lessons can only be made at the end of each term.  Once a term has started, the complete term’s lessons must be paid for, even if the student decides not to continue their lessons part way through the term.


Changing instrument

If a student would like to cease learning one instrument and start another, this must be done at the start of a new term. Please note lessons cannot be changed during a term.

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